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Claims Administration: Medical Professional Liability

IRMS is an affiliate corporation of the Illinois Health & Hospital Association and provides services for insured and self-insured hospitals, health systems and physicians.  IRMS is a leader in third-party administration of claims throughout the State of Illinois.

Services are available on a complete package or unbundled basis.  Our team of professionals offers responsive and tailored expertise to assist members in reducing exposures and controlling potential loss.  We have a track record of success, proven by the satisfaction of our long-term clients (most over 10 years).

  • Proactive
    In order to reduce liability risk, we believe in early reporting of incidents and claims.  The earlier we are able to evaluate and address patient concerns, the likelier it is to increase patient satisfaction, preserve reputations and avoid litigation.
  • In-Depth Investigations
    One of the unique features of our program is the comprehensive evaluation our staff undertakes after a claim is reported.  From reviewing medical records, interviewing involved clinicians, analyzing relevant policies and procedures and performing medical research, we are able to fully assess liability.
  • Fair but Firm Philosophy
    Having the complete picture early in the process allows us to negotiate and resolve meritorious claims while vigorously defending non-meritorious claims.
  • Reserving
    Each claim is evaluated based on its unique set of facts. Our goal is to fully reserve claims as early as possible and to avoid stair-stepping. This gives clients and their actuaries and accountants a realistic picture as to the exposure presented.
  • Litigation Management
    In the event of litigation, our staff actively manages the lawsuit.  We maintain constructive relationships with counsel, co-defendants and insurers.  Our expertise across all Illinois jurisdictions is second to none.
  • Cost Containment
    Pre-suit resolution of claims is paramount to effectively controlling the overall cost of our clients' self-insured programs by reducing outside defense costs.  Active management of suits by our staff allows for prudent use of resources, including oversight of assigned defense counsel, expert witness selection and the use of preferred vendors.
  • Required Reporting
    We offer comprehensive reporting to ensure compliance with all regulatory and excess/reinsurer report requirements.
  • Value-Added Services
    Our database technology and accounting functions allow clients to rely on IRMS for complete claims management services.  We offer web access to searchable claims data, detailed reports with claims analysis and trending and consultation on a variety of topics.
  • Partnership
    Clients are fully informed of all developments throughout the life of a claim and are consulted for decisions on reserving, settlement and trial strategy.  By functioning as a team, we eliminate any unnecessary surprise and support clients in the overall management of their self-insured programs.