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We hope you will find the resources and information provided helpful.  We encourage you to visit this site often to review timely claims, risk management, and patient safety information.  Below you will find links and news on up-coming events.

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  • Med-IQ Platform Update Learn More
  • Discounts on Renewing Premium Extension  Learn More
  • Risk AdvantageSM Online Continuing Education Program
  • MAIC partners with Med-IQ, Inc. to offer risk management continuing education courses.  Through this partnership, under the MAIC Risk Advantage Program, physicians can earn risk management credits on their renewing MAIC premium by completing various courses and case studies.
  • Risk AdvantageSM MAIC's Physician Risk Management Discount Program
    Our Risk AdvantageSM program offers physicians the opportunity to earn up to an 8% credit on renewing MAIC premiums and continuing medical education credits (CMEs).  There is no cost to participate in the program's educational opportunities.  Risk AdvantageSM discounts are available for participation in IRMS-sponsored education programs or for completion of online education programs offered by Med-IQ.  Learn More
  • On-Site Assessment
    Learn about your organization's risk management strengths and weaknesses with an on-site office assessment where MAIC reviews your office procedures and documentation practices to identify areas for improvement.   Learn More
  • Reporting Incidents, Claims, and Lawsuits
    Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS) provides claims and risk management services for MAIC.  Incidents, claims, or lawsuits must be reported to IRMS Claims Department as soon as you become aware of any such event by submitting a Notice of Claim form.  Read More
Online Continuing Education Program

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MAIC Business Associate Agreement
Our risk management consultants and claims supervisors are available by phone or email to assist with risk management inquiries, problem solving and questions concerning professional liability exposure.  Contact Us
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